Splendid People of Splendour

My inner rock chick drank it up at Splendor in the Grass 09. Backstage huge tour trucks rolling in full of gear, black on black/black attire beside Flaming Lips orange, plush artists area hung with chandeliers + red lounges. All those boys with their big electric guitars feeding back + that wall of sound approach to music we just so love about festivals.

As an artist the live experience is such an altered state compared to the introspective writing space of the studio.
As it was for me at the Mix up stage. Wedged between 2 enormous fold back towers, all those delicious throbbing bottom end frequencies pumping my body, (mm mmm bass…just give me more of that bass!) I was completely transported by the sound of my music that I had been listening to for months in the cushioned world of headphones + studio monitors now coursing thick through the circuitry of all that high end amplification. Oh yes! That with new IEM’s + high heel black rock chick boots I was in heaven.

Although I got the dreaded early time slot (yeah most people were still in bed at 12.15 Sunday “morning”, it felt early to me + I hadn’t even taken copiose stimulates the night before or had 24 hours  of unnatural decibel level pounding) the people who did show up absolutely rocked! The crew with their wild dancing caus they had a little extra space, the guys who went ballistic, jumping around when I played my new single KYIO, the girls with painted faces beaming in wonder and the group of guys down the front who just kept blowing love hearts they made with their fingers at me, even the woman who stood dead still in the center but stayed the whole show! You people were awesome, And I was stocked that later in the crowd that day I bumped into some of you and we took crazy photos and had a dance together.

Overall I had a blast! and am grateful to the Mix Up stage  sound crew + the splendid people of Splendor.

Live Video from Splendour

Splendour in the Grass

Splendour in the Grass


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