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KYIO at International Fashion Show

February 3, 2010

Thank you to Fashionation for having me perform at the 2010 fashion show in New Zealand. It was such a buzz to sing KYIO while walking the catwalk in my blue plastic jacket!
Our show the following evening was a blast. To see such an international audience going wild together on the dance floor was a real treat. And whoever that was painting everyone up tribal with the blue paint… You Rock!


Futuristic Fashion, Trentemoller + the Blue Photo shoot.

August 26, 2009

I’ve been asked a lot lately about ‘The Blue Girl” single cover photo.

Here’s her story.
Just two days before my photo shoot I rang my management and said…”Um, you know that random idea I had to get painted up blue for the shoot … Can we just forget about that?”  Nope. 48 hours later there I was at the Sydney studio of Peter Collie being painted head to toe!
The shoot was such a blast, a combination of absolutely loving the designer Asheley Jae’s futuristic clothes, getting to play dress ups in them, + a great photographer, but the magic really started to happen when we turned on the chrome fan, plugged in the ipod + pumped up Trentemoller. I couldn’t stop dancing, I felt like I could go for hours, + hours we did. Ten hours later, tired + blue all over, I figured it would be best just to wash up back at the hotel room. I walked into the lobby with my suitcase full of photo shoot paraphernalia + a large carved stick we used, looking slightly past my used by date, but still completely blue. The concierge looked up agape, “Good evening” I said, “Is this planet Earth?” I slid quickly into the elevator to hear the ruckus laughter behind me + the metal doors of my teleportation device slid safely shut.
I walked into the bathroom, “Ah yes, a warm bubble bath soak”. Instantly I became aware of just how blue I actually was standing there naked in the absolutely perfect white bathroom of the hotel. White bath, white towels, white tiles, Shit! I was starting to flake + make impact on my already vulnerable surroundings. I carefully laid tissues + toilet paper all around me, undressed carefully into a plastic bag and slide into the bubble bath. Absolutely exhausted I closed my eyes + just laid their motionless for some time…Ah peace. As my mind relaxed, I suddenly realised how blue my bath water must be, wide eyed I stared in disbelief at the edge of the bath. I splashed it + rubbed it with water….OMG!  THE BATHTUB HAD TURNED BLUE!!! Frantically I washed myself, splashing blue everywhere, tiles, tissues, toilet paper everything turning expansive sky blue. Fuck! What do I dry myself off with without turning the towels blue…it was hilarious! Anyway you guessed it. The bathtub was not only blue…it had STAINED BLUE! I spent the whole next hour running around the hotel corridors (freaky places at the best of times) in my hotel robe + slippers looking for bleach…maybe chlorine from the indoor pool? nothing! I sat defeated in my bathroom staring at the tub, I’d completely given up, imagining the added cost on my photo shoot invoice…1 bathtub! I waved my defeated flag and decided to get the blue out from under my nails with some nail polish remover……NAIL POLISH REMOVER!!!! Yes! In that moment of complete surrender, when I felt most forsaken, the angels did drop in…NAIL POLISH REMOVER! I was saved! Exhausted + scrubbing the whole bath clean with nail polish remover! But saved!

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