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BAD DAY Music Video on RAGE ABC TV

July 17, 2010

Deya’s new Music Video BAD DAY had it’s virgin airing on ABC TV’s RAGE on Friday Night 16th July!

With a couple of clicks online you can request to see BAD DAY played again.

Get behind Deya’s music by hitting the RAGE REQUEST LINE.



July 9, 2010

Deya Dova’s ‘official’ BAD DAY music video is out TODAY! Made on a shoestring budget by the classy director Sean Vandenberg from XYZ Networks, “BAD DAY is the kind of stuff Australia’s  falling in love with La Roux for – except it’s home grown.” AUSPOP

Support Indie music + BUY the clip for a whole $2.59 on iTunes : )


July 5, 2010

Deya Dova’s music video BAD DAY is due for release Friday 9th July. Directed by Sean Vandenberg from XYZ Networks, BAD DAY is a pick up pill for those treacherous days with seemingly no exit doors. Check out the Video Teaser up on Youtube now.

BAD DAY Music Video

February 4, 2010

Deya is in pre production for the film clip to her new single BAD DAY, directed by Sean Vandenburg from XYZ Networks. DEYA has been busy designing 3 costumes for her  3 different characters in the clip. We cant give too much away, but expect a bit of surrealism, plastic and feathers, and some specky blueness.

Deya recently made a post about the clip on her Facebook, and since, has had a bunch of fans volunteer to help out. Some of which have been cast as extras. One fan is flying herself down to Sydney especially to photograph and document the day!  Wow!


January 4, 2010

Just got back from an awesome Peats Ridge Festival! The highlight was definitely standing on top of that big drum riser on the Lyrebird stage, up on top of the kick drum, cymbals crashing at my feet, singing the KYIO remix. I just remember the look on some of your faces and thinking, Oh shit, I so have to jump off this thing now! It was such a rush! That + seeing you all dancing was awesome. x

What’s HOT this summer – Deya Dova in CREAM

November 28, 2009

Check out Deya in the latest CREAM MAGAZINE – What’s Hot this Summer – Along with Dizzie Rascal, Johnny Depp, Basement Jaxx and a bunch of edgy models in facial hair.


October 28, 2009

Ahhh so good to release!

And it is so awesome to be out + about playing BURST live.

Big thanx 2 all of you who helped us launch BURST through the roof in Melbourne on Friday. It was amazing  2 see so many of you singing the lyrics (already!). Also to those of you at the Byron Bay Launch. Oh my, such a pumping + sexy packed house you were! You looked so ecstatic dancing like wild things amidst all those bubbles.

Sydney, looking forward 2 seeing you at the launch party


Please spread the word. x

B U R S T – New Album OUT NOW !!!

October 3, 2009

BURST is OUT NOW!!! Online + in stores across Australia through MGM.

For world wide shipping head to MUSICPLUG.Net (from OCT 12)

ALBUM LAUNCH TOUR DATES are now up on Myspace.

“BURST is hot. Plenty of cool chic sounds, that magically blend electronics with pop and a distinctly world vibe.”  AUSPOP

“Exquisitely produced, reminiscent of The Knife or Bjork and yet completely, refreshingly, unique.” IN THE MIX

“Absolutely Brilliant. A killer album from DEYA DOVA.” FABTASTICMUSIC

BURST Album Cover

September 11, 2009

Album Art Detail

Only 1 week now untill I BURST!!!
Released on REFLEKTA Records + distributed by MGM, my new album BURST hits stores nationally September 18.

I’ve been pouring my love + soul not only into the music, but also into designing the album cover.
Visually I’ve had a fascination with the balance between the natural + the technological, geo magnets + dragonfly wings, exploding censorship digits, ipod hard drives + expansive sky blue!
Here is a taste of my blue bubble, BURST.

BURST cover

Queen of Leathers

September 10, 2009

Ok so it’s no secret that I have a thing for motorbikes, electric guitars + leathers.
So chuffed I am to find that I’m sharing the same page in the current edition of LOTL magazine with the Queen of Leathers herself, miss Suzie Quatro! Check out the article on my Media Events page at