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April 25, 2011

The spankin new DEYA DOVA REMIXED album hits Beatport tomorrow.

Keep an eye on Deya Dova’s YouTube channel over the coming weeks to watch all the music video’s for each of the remixes – Here’s the first taster – A sexy, progressive house, bass heavy burner from SWITCHBOX(PlastikPark/Germany).



October 26, 2010

Excitement is building with the immanent release of DEYA DOVA’s forthcoming remixed album. The release will feature remixes of BURST tracks from renowned producers from around the globe. Hot tracks are expected from electronic legends JUNO REACTOR (Metropolisi/UK), ANTIX (Iboga/NZ), AN-TEN-NAE (MutiMusic/USA), ADHAM SHAIKH (Interchill/Canada), NYQUIST (Iboga/AUS) and  SWITCHBOX (PlasticPark/Germany) to name just a few! STAY TUNED TO THIS SPACE.

AN-TEN-NAE (Muti Music/USA) Remixes DEYA DOVA

October 26, 2010

Recently, one of San Francisco’s most sought after DJ/Producers, AN-TEN-NAE (MutiMusic/USA) brought the house down at SHAMBHALA MUSIC FESTIVAL (Canada) with his epic, tribal, breakbeat  remix of Deya’s elative dance track SO HAPPY. The SO HAPPY remix along with a Dub version feature on AN-TEN-NAE’s Acid Crunk EP#7 (Additech) and demonstrate the power of the west coast bass culture in all it’s glory.

Featuring Deya Dova's - SO HAPPY (An-Ten-Nae Take it to the Village Remix)


January 4, 2010

Just got back from an awesome Peats Ridge Festival! The highlight was definitely standing on top of that big drum riser on the Lyrebird stage, up on top of the kick drum, cymbals crashing at my feet, singing the KYIO remix. I just remember the look on some of your faces and thinking, Oh shit, I so have to jump off this thing now! It was such a rush! That + seeing you all dancing was awesome. x